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God interrupted my wedding plans

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Hello there, my name is Mary. I am In my twenties engaged to be married to a nice young man Joe! We were in love and our parents are aware.

In preparation for our wedding, We both agreed on a date for the wedding service. Party, etc. Orders were made, we booked my wedding gown, Joe's suit, fresh flowers, gold wedding rings to say the least. Invitations have been sent out, we couldn't
just wait for our big day.

I was just back from my bridal showers on the day I had weird dream. I saw someone in white apparel appeared to me asking me the most annoying question : ' _Hey Mary, can I interrupt your wedding plans?

What ?! I opened my mouth in amazement as i didn't know what to say or how to respond.

I simply said' Excuse me? And the Angel said, God wants to do something new on earth and He had found you useful for that assignment but it will disrupt your wedding plans: Can you afford this?

I simply was broken down because I love the Lord and couldn't say ' No' I simply obliged ..' Be it unto me according to your word' was my final answer..

Today the rest Is history...
Mary became the first human to conceive and give birth to a 'God' She had graciously earned the title' 'Mary the mother of God'

At this Easter season, I'm asking you to give Jesus a chance to interrupt your plans and you will be amazed at the glorious outcome of events.

What are the plans for your money, your life, Your carrier, your ministry, your family?

God wants to interrupt your plans for the glory of His name.

May be you have been hurt by a family member and you've decided what to do about it , Joseph was ready to put Mary away but God interrupted by taking preeminence over the situation.

I had always wanted to be a lawyer.. I think I would have been a good one too... But God interrupted my plan with His glorious call upon my life.

I feel privileged to 'waste' my life in the glorious gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Today I travel the world for the sole aim of reaching the world for Christ and its so amazing when you see how lives are being touched transformed and restored.

You can't buy that with money.

David just wanted to be a great musician,a song writer of some sort before God interrupted his plan and anointed him king over Israel.(1sam 16:23)

Moses was having a great time as a Prince of Egypt before God interrupted his plan and gave him an assignment to free the Israelite's from the slavery of the Egyptians.
(Exodus 2:1 to 22)

God may want to interrupt your plan this Easter.

God is always searching for a man, a woman, a boy or a girl...someone with a willing heart. Will that be you today?

Peter left all and followed him...the rest they say is history...
' if you leave father mother .....

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| Enjoy your great season with this song 
Chiamaka (God is so Good)

Happy Easter

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