- Review her Life as a celebrity

Pastor Moji Alawiye fondly called PMA is a worship Pastor, conference speaker, a foremost gospel music minister in Nigeria whose ministry has spread to Europe , United Kingdom and North America.

CEO, Mammusic world, Creator worship experience live in Nigeria, President worship experience live USA Inc. An author, song writer, and TV personality.


There are 10 Fact  you need to know about her (PMA) before Worship Experience live, OCTOBER 1st 2020

Her village People

  1. I was born into an Orisa dynasty (idol worship) my grandmother was a celebrated Orisa exponent and I was my grandmoms favourite. She took me along to ilagemo for the Orisa convention annually where we Sang, Danced, and worshipped the Orisa among many participants from our home town and nearby villages. I grew up watching her passion for worship but to the unknown God.

2. Her Mother, Gbensola Atunke, (alias Iya olorin) was a constant voice on Radio Kwara till late
80’s. A contemporary of Iyaladuke. One of her hit songs “O d’oke Gogoro” became famous among many Waka and Fuji singers.
I grew up watching her explore her gift and passion for humanity, music and culture.

3. Mother left her in Ibadan on her way to Seeking promotion for her music in Lagos. Ibadan became a land of her growth!


4. She hawked on the street of Ibadan for her brothers wife a couple of years with daily awful experiences of domestic abuse and sexual harassment on the street.

5. Christ Found her in 1987 and I got a call into ministry 1989.
Joy of salvation, Person of the Holy Spirit became a part of my life..Gave me a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Her Church People

6. Her Pastor called her proud for wanting to sing more than for Church Choir Shut her down the revival platform where the youth invited her to sing, I cried as I walked away like a lost child!

Her Music People

7. Her mentor said “I can’t excel with my music since I don’t like to look for clout”

8. A Colleague and friend said to her Hey Girl, Forget this thing you don’t know how to sing My band members wanted to take the band ownership when we began to get recognition


There is a thin line between gratitude and pressure, if you are pressed on every side you may loose your Praise I almost lost my praise. Pressures from home to church to music colleagues and all was too much a burden than the demand of ministry

“The Lord said to me, My daughter, keep Praising Me whether In faith or in fear. Your Praise will come up and your fear will disappear The More Your Praise, The less your fear! And I can tell you for real, it worked for me. Like it worked for David and it worked for Jehoshaphat, Praise and worship worked for me!” PMA


9. Today, I stand in the midst of you all… Not as the best singer in Nigeria but as one who;
-Has the Hand of God upon her life.
– As an example of what is possible with God.
-As the Kingdom’s pride.
-As a bearer of the Good news
-As a gift to the Body of Christ.
-As an Ark Of God’s covenant
-As a signet Ring…according to the Word of the Lord and the witness of His people.

10. Join her October 1st, by 5pm not just for my story but to Worship the True and Living God and as we do.. God gave a promise.

The Promise God promised to breathe fresh air over us as a Nation and a People. This breathe will spread all over the world bringing ease & RESTORATION to His own people.

The mandate:

Let the people worship Me with their breath and not just their skill.

Narrate, demonstrate and celebrate my faithfulness from generation to generation.

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Friday, 03 May 2019 04:42

Don’t Give Life to a Complaint

It's interesting that soon after the people of Israel had been freed from slavery in Egypt, they started complaining about their hardships in the wilderness. One of their complaints was that they were tired of the manna, the bread that God provided supernaturally for them every single day. They grumbled, "Now we have lost our appetite; we never see anything but this manna!" (Numbers 11:6). That complaint got them thinking about "the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic" they used to eat in captivity. They let the food they had become tired of become more important than their freedom from slavery.

God is taking all of us somewhere, and like the people of Israel, we have everything we need right now to get to where He's taking us. But that's where the Israelites missed it. They were only looking at their circumstances and what they thought they didn't have. They forgot to look to their God! It's so easy to see out of natural eyes that look for problems rather than see out of supernatural eyes that behold the hand of God working behind the scenes, the almighty God who's providing for all our needs.

Today, you're going to have many opportunities to find faults because there's no perfect friend, no perfect spouse, and no perfect job. Life is filled with imperfections, so we can't escape the fact that there will be much to criticize. What I want to suggest is that rather than enter into faultfinding that we figure out a way to be the solution to problems rather than complain about problems and find a way to act properly when we feel negative.

You can't stop all the negative thoughts you have about people and situations, but you can stop giving those thoughts life by speaking them out. You can watch what you say by stepping back and reminding yourself that complaining only finds the worst in situations and other people, never the best, and speaking them out only makes things worse. Don't give it life! Don't ruin relationships and situations.

So what should you do? The apostle Paul says, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" (Ephesians 4:29). Let's keep our mouths closed, stay the course, and be grateful to God. Let's not be faultfinders. Let's be those who "rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:16–18)


Victoria Osteen
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